You’re Counting on It!

You're Counting on It!

Peygir is a brand-new, issue-tracking project & team Management application. Peygir is a Persian word, meaning someone who Follows up with everything. 

Why Peygir?

Why Peygir?

Learn more about the web-based and online project management system “Peygir”.
“Peygir” is permanently supported and its functional capabilities increase.

Advanced text editor, suitable for bi-directional texts

User friendly interface in English

Manage tasks by assigning responsibility, scheduling, and tracking the details of time spent

Track issues by keeping track of the events of each issue and the user's explanations about it

Support for multiple projects and sub-projects using tree structure

Configurable workflow with the ability to define known statuses for issues and permissions per role for any type of problem.

The possibility of defining the relationship between issues such as preconditionality, priority, and latency and repetition

Gantt Chart for each project with an efficient calendar

Possibility to define milestones for each project and view project roadmap

A wiki in each project for documenting and managing knowledge by keeping a record of each document's changes

Integration with code repositories and code browser for Subversion, Git and Mercurial

Support for the agile Scrum and Kanban Project Management processes

Ability to add different types of custom fields to many parts of the system

Authentication via LDAP

Extensibility through plugins and themes

Need to use Peygir?

If you are a manager of a large company or personally working in your office or home, Peygir can dramatically increase your productivity. There are tools that will allow you to have an overview of the progress and progress of each part. You can prioritize your work and get the best decision at any moment.

Peygir Pricing Plans

Small Team

Up to 25 Users


in a month

5GB Storage

Medium Team

Up to 50 Users


in a month

10GB Storage

Large Team

Up to 100 Users


in a month

20GB Storage

+100 Users

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Storage